How To Compose A Winning Year 10 Persuasive Essay

Throughout your academic career, you will be expected to write several papers. Persuasive essays can be enjoyable to write, especially when you choose the right topic. It’s essential that you write about something you’re interested in, as your audience will be able to tell that you’re attempting to persuade them on something you don’t even believe on. High school can be extremely competitive, and it can be difficult to write an essay that sticks out from the crowd. Here are some tips on how to compose a phenomenal persuasive essay in year 10:

  • Choose an interesting topic: This means selecting something that you feel strongly about, and something that is unique and fresh. There are many tired topics you can write for a convincing paper, but original ideas are going to really pique your reader’s interest. Try to steer away from exhausted ideas like your views on social issues, legal issues, or highly discussed topics.
  • Outline: After you’ve brainstormed thoroughly, create a skeleton for your paper. This will guide you through your paper while writing it and help you stay focused. As a writer, it’s easy to digress and lose sight of what you’re ultimately trying to argue. Losing sight of your goal will disinterest your reader.
  • Acknowledge the opposing side: Part of establishing credibility means acknowledging that an opposing side exists. Simply ignoring the counterargument and pretending it does not exist will lead to a weak argument. If you show the reader that the opposing force holds no truth, they will be more convinced that your position is the stronger argument.
  • Create solid arguments: Put some thought into the reasons why your position is the correct position. As in most cases, try to stick to quality over quantity. It’s better to have a few strong points rather than having many flawed or poorly developed arguments. You want to write a paper that your reader cannot point out obvious holes in.
  • Proofread: Once you’ve finished writing your entire paper, read it again. The first time you read your work, read it in its entirety and focus on the general syntax and flow of the content. Then, read it a second time line by line, focusing on the grammar and any typos you may have made.
  • Get feedback: When your paper is all finished, get some people to read it. Ask friends and family to give you their opinion on the paper, its structure, the topic, and your arguments. A second and third opinion will give you a strong idea of how your paper will be received.

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