Coming Up With Impressive Persuasive Essay Topics On Beauty

Writing a persuasive essay can be difficult, especially if you are unsure of your topic. Yours persuasive essay should persuade the audience that your side in the argument is correct. This means that you want to make sure you presents your thesis and supporting evidence as well as a quick review of any alternative sides in the argument. Your goal is to come across as a well-informed author who is considered all sides to the argument and then presented the most persuasive evidence.

The persuasive essay needs an excellent topic which can be written about in the span of the pages you are allowed for your assignment. In some cases your teacher will assign you a topic and in other cases you were given the freedom to select a topic of your own choosing. When you are tasked with writing a persuasive essay topic on beauty and you are struggling to come up with the perfect idea you might take a moment to review the following suggestions:

  • Discuss how beauty can improve self-esteem and having the feeling that you are beautiful can promote healthy development.
  • Try and persuade your audience that beauty pageant should be banned because they do not function as anything other than a way to enforce unfair standards of physical attraction.
  • You can explore different ideas of beauty over the last few centuries.
  • Discuss how beauty pageant should be offered for men if they are offered for women under the same auspice is that they function as a scholarship program. If all things are to be equal is important to have male beauty pageants that focus only on physical attraction and talent the same as female beauty pageants.
  • You can explore different ideas of beauty throughout different countries.
  • You should explore the use of beauty pageants among children and whether they should be considered a form of child abuse and the parents prevented from forcing children under the age of five to wear makeup and parade around in a small swimsuit.
  • You can review the problems with social promotions of certain body images as beautiful and the way that this inhibits proper development and growth among teenagers.
  • You can explore not just the female side of the argument against unfair standards of physical attraction in the media but also the male side to that. Consider the average media photo in fitness magazines for a man and what stereotypes and poor self-esteem this causes among regular teens.

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