A List Of 28 Fresh Topics For Writing An Opinion Essay

Writing is a creative process in which case, students are supposed to craft moving literary pieces laden with creative use of words, phrases and with a clear manifestation of sentence construction. When it comes to doing an essay, it is also important to take note of the fact that, they come in different types with examples being opinion, narrative, illustrative, descriptive and among others. Opinion pieces are articles we have always come across, not just in local dailies but also in academic discourse. Today and with the advent of the internet, writers have found a new platform for doing a great deal of opinion writing. However, before you can start doing an opinion essay, it is always important to answer, among other questions, what area do you want to base your writing one? This is more specifically about the topic you want to write about. Have you identified your subject and if so, do you have ideas at your fingertips to let them start flowing through the pen and unto paper?

On the web and probably in books, finding a great literary piece comes down to knowing what topic befits a good article based on opinion. While you will always come across plenty of such subjects, this post makes it easier for you by sampling some of the best opinion topics to write on. On this premise, you have every reason to read further if a great opinion topic is all you need to get started.

  • It is never misplaced to share your opinions on some burning issues and on this premise, our first topic for this post is; is going to college necessary? Writing an essay of this nature would require you to take a standpoint without delving into what others think. Further, it requires you to espouse your ideas in the most direct manner without having to take a looking a conflicting opinions.
  • Is experience the best teacher? Many people think knowledge gained from school is the best one can ever have, however, sometimes knowledge gained from experience is the best. Discuss.
  • There is an increasing cause for alarm regarding how TV continues to influence lives of high school students. Share your opinions on this.
  • National parks are created for leisure travel. Are there other reasons? Share your opinions
  • Parents are said to be the best teachers. Is this true?