Fresh Essay Topics In Medical Ethics: Professional Suggestions

Being a doctor is one of the most amazing things that a student can fight for. There are years and years of study, and you have to memorize more information than ever before. Besides, you have to understand people and comfort your patients, not only deal with their symptoms. Medical ethics will be a big part of your life, so you have to focus on every essay and find topics that will really make a difference. Here are some suggestions that will help you:

  • Doctor-patient confidentiality. A doctor is not allowed to talk with anyone else about his cases, not even with the family of the patient. This is a very strict rule and it is important for the patients to be able to trust their physician. What do you think about this rule?
  • Patients refusing the treatment. If you will become a doctor, you will face many difficult situations. For example, you can have patients that refuse the treatment, even though this might end their life. Do you think that a doctor should have the right to force a patient to accept the treatment?
  • Assisted suicide. In some countries, patients can commit assisted suicide. Doctors will assess his mental state and if there is a good reason for this, the patient can take some pills that will end his life. Considering the fact that the doctor took an oath to protect all the patients, do you think that this is moral?
  • Placebo effect. Placebo effect is used to treat various conditions, but this means that the doctor will lie to the patient telling him that he will receive an actual drug. On the other hand, most of the time this means that the symptoms of the patients will disappear. In this situation lying to the patient is acceptable? Visit this service to find some interesting opinions on this.
  • Terminal cases. Assume you have a patient and you have to tell him that his life will end in a few months. Do you think that you should tell this to the family even if he does not want to reveal this to anyone? Why yes and why not?
  • Health insurance. In some countries doctors are not allowed to treat patients if these don’t have medical insurance. Sometimes the patient can die from lack of treatment. Do you think that the doctor should ignore the law to treat the patient?