How To Pick Interesting Essay Topics: 5 Helpful Tips

Writing an essay is always the easiest part of research paper writing. The challenge, which most students are not aware of is selecting the right topic. In most cases teachers often choose to make the work of students easier by allowing them to work with whichever topics that they have chosen for them, but this only lasts for a short while. There are a number of situations where the students will often be asked to select or come up with their own titles, and it is during such situations that the real challenge gets exposed for all the students to see. The following are some of the simplest tips that will help you get through this, and come up with one of the finest titles for your task so far:


In the event that you are looking to get a really good paper, one of the simplest things that you might need to do is simply to research more on the context that you are going to write about, and from there you will have enough to come up with a good title. This is a trick that has often worked for students in the past, and will certainly work for you too.


Try and avoid the uncanny behavior of students of looking for titles that are rather complex. Complexity only makes your work harder, and does not appeal to your teachers at all. To be on the safe side, choose a title that is so simple, yet has enough room for proper research.

Follow up on recommendations

In some cases the simplest titles that you can ever come up with, are there before your eyes, but we never really see them. Many are the papers that have been written before, with recommendations that are worth checking out. Because of this reason therefore, you need to take your time and look at some of the papers in the library, and pick up on the recommendations for further research.

Look around you

The easiest topics to write on are those that affect you directly. Look around the society you live in and you will see lots of problems that need solutions, hence a good title for your paper.

Discuss with your teacher

If all else fails, you can also just speak to your teacher and get them to help you choose something within your ability.