List Of Best Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For High School

When there are high school students, during the term the teachers need to ensure that they be able to get into the habit of doing their homework and doing proper research work before they can write a freelance essay or a thesis. There are some subjects which are normally given to the students as freelance topics. However, some topics which are getting more and more popular these days are compare and contrasting essays. These thesis topics involve a lot of research and homework to be put in by the students.

Some of these essays which can be given to high schoolers to write dissertations about are:

  • a) Should you be a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian
  • b) Should there be a monarchy or democracy
  • c) Should we be ruled by a president or by a king
  • d) Rock music versus pop music
  • e) Gaming on the phones vs. games played on the playfield.
  • f) What is preferable renting, borrowing or owning
  • g) What is preferable – paper pollution or glass pollution
  • h) Should there be offline communication or should there be social media?
  • i) Should a novel be read or should it be filmed instead
  • j) How should treatment be done – with pills or with surgery
  • k) Should you take advice from your friends or your family when you are faced with contradicting advice
  • l) What is better – baking or boiling
  • m) Republican party versus the democratic party
  • n) Payment by cash or payment by credit cards
  • o) The Lord of the Rings trilogy versus Harry Potter series
  • p) Greek versus Roman mythology

By this list you will see a variety of subjects, dissertation topics and ideas have been touched upon. In addition to this list, various other topics can be given to high school students, and this can be done by choosing a phenomenon which is current, pertinent or even an action which is relevant. Based on this, a topic should be given to the high schoolers. The goal in this is to ensure that they develop their talent for not only writing but also for conducting research and doing proper homework so that these will last them long after their term in school or college gets over. In fact these are skills they need to hone in their adult life as well in whatever field they choose to be in.