Founding Fathers

The founding fathers of America are a very broad group of people. Many people have different opinions as to who are the founding fathers. One is that they are the people that led to the American Revolution. They are the people that put the interest of America first and struggled to free it from the British Crown. America was colonized by the Great Britain and those people that fought to see that America was free and governed by the rule of law are the founding fathers of America. This includes the group that was involved in the Declaration of Independence in 1776. After independence, there was the group that was in the Constitutional Convection of 1778. This group was responsible for drafting the American Constitution. The structure has undergone through some amendments but still reflects the ideas that were created in the first draft. The constitution of America the most respected on earth and many countries have borrowed a few or some aspects from it.

Other People that are respected

According to some historians, the founding fathers do not only refer to the people that were actively involved in the politics of fleeing America from colonization. These historians believe that there are many other people that did other significant and crucial in the growth of America. Founding fathers were not politicians and lawmakers only. However it at last narrows down to the people those were active in politics and those that engaged with the Great Britain. People that were in other sectors that ensured that the economy of America was growing and that America was headed to the right direction are regarded as the founding fathers. These groups of people include the farmers, statesmen, soldiers, diplomats, singers, jurists, activists and to some extent American citizens that lived during that time. Many writers during that time wrote about federalism and ratification of the constitution. There were the seventy-four delegates that were selected from the twelve states that were to frame the constitution. Most of these people were educated people and served in the army.

Legacy of the Founding Fathers

The America Founding Fathers are viewed as some semi-sacred figures. They are respected all over America even though they are not alive today. They are heroic figures that represent a powerful but face fewer symbols of past greatness. Their heroic acts are seen by the mighty that the constitution that they created and fought for has steered America to greater heights.