Writing An Essay On Current Topics: Useful Tips And Fresh Ideas

An essay on current topics is considered by some as the easiest engagement while others view it as difficult. There are aspects of writing that determine whether it will be easy or difficult. Here are some of the tips that will make your writing easy.

Choose an Interesting Topic

A title acts as the first point of contact between the reader and your work. It will determine the enthusiasm or desire the reader shows in reading through your entire paper. As such, the topic must be captivating. This is only possible if it does not read as a repetition of papers that have been written on the subject. The wording must also indicate the presence of new information or a fresh perspective in your paper. Here are some of the current topics to consider.

  1. The influence of social media in political and social activism
  2. The possibility of democratization without chaos
  3. The place of religion in the society
  4. Is it time to institute tough gun control measures?
  5. How countries ended up in debt
  6. How to end religious instigated wars
  7. Developing while at the same time preserving history
  8. Is it time to allow performance enhancing drugs in athletics?
  9. When international games are a burden to tax payers
  10. How to identify a real role model
  11. Reducing social media related stress and anxiety
  12. Managing entrepreneurial minds

A captivating essay is more than the title. Here are other aspects that will shape your paper and guarantee the best grade.

Include Captivating Facts

All the assertions made in your paper must be supported by credible references. This means that your points must be based on evidence that can be verified. You will be required to read widely in order to get the latest facts on the topic you are handling.

Format the Paper Consistently

Consistent formatting of a paper allows the reader to concentrate on the content. It also allows one to identify your opinion from details plucked from other sources. Stick to a single formatting style and apply it on all sections in the right way.

Always Edit Your Work

Typos and grammatical mistakes will reduce the quality of your paper. Reserve some time at the end of your compilation stage to edit and proof read. You may engage the assistance of a third part to achieve the best results.