How To Create A Good Essay About Myself: 10 Helpful Suggestions

Writing about yourself can be a challenge. Especially, if you’re having trouble settling on a topic you don’t believe will be very interesting to others. The first thing to remember is that everything can be interesting to someone who is unfamiliar if you know how to discuss it. So don’t think that you’re going to sound boring. Here are 10 helpful suggestions for creating a great essay about yourself:

  1. Write an introduction to being you. If you had to describe yourself in an introduction, let’s say for an award ceremony, what would you state about yourself? What would you focus on?
  2. Write about your interests and talents. What interests you the most in your life? What talents do you have that separate you from others? Are the two mutually exclusive or do they relate?
  3. Describe an event that has impacted your life. Some people will say that a tragic event has influenced them so much that they have made a life decision to prevent it. What about you?
  4. Write about a person that inspires you. Do you have a hero or heroine? Is there someone in your personal life or someone you’ve read or heard about that inspires the actions you take?
  5. Describe an activity you enjoy doing with others. Are you a social person? Do some activities speak to the kind of person you are when you interact with others? What can someone guess about you when they see an activity you like to do?
  6. Write about the 10 music albums you couldn’t live without. This creative and fun topic can be extremely revealing about the kind of person you are. Take the opportunity to explain why each album has meant so much to your personal life.
  7. Describe a film that has been influential to you. Some films have such an impactful meaning to our lives that you could say our points of view change. Do you have a film you think has influenced your life in any way?
  8. Explain why you have decided on a favorite song. Do you have a favorite song that reflects who you are in life? Do you think that others would understand you better if they heard this song?
  9. Where do you see yourself in the future? Sometimes our perception of what our future holds affect the way we look back at our pasts. Try this essay prompt to explore the expectations you have and how you have worked to get there.
  10. Describe a foreign country you would like to visit? Sometimes stating a place where you would like to go will show a side of you that you didn’t realize existed. See what you can find out about yourself.