A List Of Essay Title Ideas To Grab The Reader's Attention

Writing essays in schools and colleges has been an age-old practice. Students all over the world spend countless hours behind such assignments so as to get good grades in the concerned subject. But sometimes no matter how much they try, their compositions are just not good enough to fetch them the best grade.

You need to know that the success of a composition is highly dependent on the topic you choose to write upon. The topic needs to be great. It should be easy to write upon. A lot of information regarding the topic should be easily available to you. And last but not the least, the topic should be attention grabbing!

An attention grabbing topic is something that’ll kindle a certain amount of interest in the reader to read your work with a lot of attention. Well, your work as a writer doesn’t get over with an excellent title. It is the substance that you’ll be providing in the composition that is going to keep the reader interested in the rest of your work. Nevertheless, it all starts with the topic!

Writing a composition is an easy thing to do. Writing a good and interesting composition is something that becomes a bit challenging at times. But if you get the topic right, writing a good composition becomes a little easier. So here is a list ofessay title ideas that will grab your reader's attention:

  1. A day in a world without any rules.
  2. Is money the reason behind all evils?
  3. Are we living in a world of artificial emotions?
  4. Is there a possibility of extra-terrestrial life?
  5. Life on Mars.
  6. How important is freedom?
  7. The mystery behind Bermuda Triangle.
  8. The person you admire the most in this world.
  9. Is the prevalence of the internet good or bad?
  10. The fundamental factors behind a country’s success.
  11. The risks the youth face in today’s world.
  12. Should smoking be made illegal?
  13. The usefulness or uselessness of celebrities.
  14. Can a person survive without the devices of modern life?
  15. Are women equally able leaders as men?
  16. The negative aspects of fashion on our lives.
  17. What is the importance of the role of parents’ in the upbringing of their children?
  18. The most important qualities a great leader must have.
  19. The best things about school life.
  20. How should one choose his or her career?

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