Diabetes And Related Health Risks

Diabetes condition is most related with other serious conditions. It is one condition that is known to increase the global burden of diseases. The problem affects both the developed and the developing nations. However, the burden is higher or more on less developed, developing and underdeveloped countries. The cause of the reason is the limited funds and resources available in these countries to fight diabetes and related conditions. However, there is still hope for reduction of these conditions. Lifestyle changes and proper, accurate and correct treatment are all measures that can reduce the issues. Preventive measures are effective for eradication of diabetes and consequently its complications and related conditions. There is, therefore, the need for mobilized resources in the efforts of reducing the problem including government intervention in educative campaigns and programs.


There are long term impacts or effects of diabetes condition. The severity of these conditions varies from patient to another. The longer the period diabetes remains in the body, the greater the risk of occurrence of the complications. This means that the sugars in the blood remain high. These sugars are dangerous for the cells and thus lead to the complications. Reportedly, research results indicate that impacts of the complications of the disease are fatal and life threatening.

Diabetes Complications

Cardiovascular diseases or conditions are likely in the event of suffering diabetes for a long period without treatment or with failed treatment options. They include heart attacks, stroke, chest pains and complications and also coronary artery disease. Nerve Damage is related complication diabetes patients are exposed to. The available excess sugars are likely to cause injuries to the capillaries. Damage to the nerves causes nausea, constipation, and diarrhea. Kidney damage is a possible complication for patients with diabetes. The condition is associated with the failure of the kidney in functioning. Eye damage is an issue that can come with the presence of diabetes. The possibility of blindness is also high. Foot damages are another condition that diabetes leads to. It can cause blisters on feet and prevent healing of cuts and injuries. The condition can consequently call for amputation of the leg, the foot or the toes. Skin conditions associated with diabetes are bacterial and fungal. Hearing problems also occur to people who have lived with diabetes for long periods. Alzheimer’s is a condition that comes with the type 2 diabetes type. The control of blood sugars is thus necessary.

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