15 Ready-To-Go Illustration Essay Topics For University Students

Usually, illustration essay are written to present and explain study objects in such a manner that It makes the reader understand and think about that certain topic for some time. Choosing the topic in a illustrative essay should be an action you put a lot of thought into, since the whole essay will evolve around this main idea. Choose something you know will blow everyone minds and something you love writing about, something you find interesting, to make every student in your university pay attention and listen to what you have to say in your illustration essay.

  1. What are, in your opinion, some healthy habits regarding studying? How can a student improve his learning skills? 2. Explain the duties of a professor no matter what he teaches. This is great topic to discuss with your teachers. 3. Try to describe some family traditions you posses or some national traditions depending on the case. 4. Present the history and the characteristics of the oldest building in your town or near your town. Present it’s story. 5. Visit an museum in your local town, something that doesn’t have a lot of visitors but should be visited by everyone at least once in their life, and explain why you think that visit changed you in some way. 6. Describe the work a librarian has to do at your school library or just at a local library in your town. 7. Do you think stem cell research will help humanity in the long run? Should this research be stopped? 8. Do you think the use of marijuana is as bad as it’s being presented? Should marijuana be legal in your country? 9. How does the public transportation system in your city run? 10. Has the electronic way of sending information has damaged the younger generation in any way? 11. Present some hobbies that could help the person make some quick money while doing something that he likes. 12. Best way to try to teach something to younger kids, especially teenagers. 13. Some easy jobs you can do during your summer break to earn some extra cash. 14. How to avoid falling in the friendzone. 15. Present some famous dictators around the world from today or from history. Explain what could be done to prevent putting such people in a position of such power again.