Discursive Essay Topic Ideas For College Students: Top 20 Examples

Discursive essay topics are also known as argumentative pieces of writing. They develop a child’s cognitive skills helping them to think from both the perspectives.

Check out the list

  1. Is writing enough in itself or graphics should be an integral part of it?
  2. Should video games be made an integral part of child’s development or they are detrimental to a child’s emotional, psychological and mental health? Which type of video games can assist in holistic development of a child?
  3. Why should or should not steroids be made a regular part of an athlete’s daily routine?
  4. Which are better- nuclear families or joint families? Give reasons in support of your answer?
  5. Should star performers of cultural programs be given privilege at the time of examination grading to encourage them? Why, why not?
  6. Today, more focus is made on education and not on physical development. Do you agree with this statement? Give reason in support of your answer.
  7. Should rap victim be hanged to death? Why, why not?
  8. Should abortion be made legal despite of the weeks of pregnancy? What would be the consequences in both the cases?
  9. Are we responsible for weakening the physical, mental and emotional development of our child by providing them all types of facilities before they understand its importance? What is the appropriate way to deal with such a situation?
  10. Should phones be made available to all after 8 years of age? Will it help or hamper the thought process of our kids?
  11. Is advanced technology leading us towards a healthy lifestyle or is directing us towards dangerous diseases? Support your statement with appropriate points?
  12. Should government make it compulsory to opt for a public vehicle thrice a week? Why, why not?
  13. Is 14 years of age is good enough to carry a research. Support with reasons. Should gay marriages be promoted? How it will help or hinder social development?
  14. Is a live-in relationship acceptable in our society from the core of the heart or not? Why it should be made acceptable?
  15. Should we spend huge amount on pomp and show in marriages? Why, why not?
  16. How effective is death penalty?
  17. Should women be given maternity leave for an year? Will it help the developing child? Support your statements with adequate points.
  18. Is our election process fair or unfair? How?
  19. Should students be banned for an year after they are caught red handed cheating in an examination?
  20. Is earning money through lottery is a good idea?