Global Climate Change And Impacts

We live in a changing world though from our short term perspective, it does not seem that way. Everything we do today, affects the world of tomorrow and we are becoming more and more aware of this as time goes by. One of the major indicators of this change is rising seas levels, as much as we like to believe that we aren’t the bad ones in any scenario, this evidence is undeniable.

The cause

Many scientists and researchers speculate that we are entirely responsible for the changes in global climate because we employ many nature altering practices that are necessary for our everyday lives. Many people argue that we are too small compared to the size of the earth to contribute significantly to these effects and the causes has to be some other reason.

Rising ocean levels

Though not the only effect of global warming, rising sea levels are the most apparent to the average citizen since it is easy to spot any coastal area where land was reclaimed by the sea. Many coastal towns and cities are preparing for these effects and in recent times, many natural disasters, such as hurricanes, have begun to be increasingly disastrous to coastal areas.

Changing migratory patterns

Many animals depend on signals from nature to determine their behavior, the most popular of these are birds. During the winter months of each hemisphere, certain species of birds fly to warmer zones to pass the winter period. These birds rely on changing air temperatures and the availability of food to help them decide when to leave and because of changes in global climates, these temperatures have also changed. Some species of birds have started their migratory journeys late, only to die along the way.

Agricultural effects

Most countries rely heavily on natural climate patterns to support their agricultural industry. Because of changes in global climates, these weather patterns have changed causing many problems for farmers relying on regular rainfall for their crops. Many insects are also affected and since plants rely on insects for pollination, this can have a drastic effect on the future of agriculture on planet earth.

Despite what you may or may not believe to be the cause, the truth is that we are capable of affecting our environment and as a result, we should affect it to best support our continued existence as a species instead of as individuals.