Picking Strong Argumentative Essay Topics For College Students

Among the several types of essays is the argumentative essay. This type of essay, just as the name goes, is argumentative. This means that whatever topic you have chosen to write on, you should be ready to argue on why you are for or against the chosen topic or issue. However, you should not make the mistake of replacing ‘argumentative’ with ‘aggressive’ or ‘abusive’. Instead, you should work towards convincing your target readers that your assertions, as contained in the paper, are right.

Now that you know this, the task becomes knowing how to about picking the right and strong topic for your argumentative essay. For your chosen topic to help you in nailing it, there are certain elements you should look out for in the chosen topics. Some of these elements of your chosen topic include but not limited to the following. They are:

  • How controversial is the chosen topic
  • Does the chosen topic have the ability to create divided opinion from your target readers?
  • Would the chosen topic give maximum depth to your academic paper?
  • Is the topic specific enough to elicit interest?

These are just a few of the many elements you should look out for when making a choice of topic for your argumentative essay. If you are sure that your chosen topic is controversial, then you have successfully scaled the first hurdle towards writing an amazing academic paper. This is mainly because, due to the controversial nature of the topic, you are bound to have people on the opposing sides with their own specific viewpoints as to why they are against or for the issue being discussed. It goes a long way to make your paper worth reading.

The second area is that of divided opinion. For your paper to be rated 100% argumentative, then there should be divided opinion on the issue you are writing about. Should your chosen topic be such that a higher percentage of people are in support of it, then it would not be much of an argumentative paper. Your aim should be towards a topic that has at least half of the target audience against your viewpoint and the other half in support of it. It is now left to you to woo more people from the opposing side. That’s what makes a good argumentative essay.

Finally, the chosen topic should not be shallow but in-depth enough to convince most of the people on the opposing side. In order to achieve this, you should make your paper specific so that you can have lots of points to back up your view point. Yes, with all these, it is surely a good jolly ride towards submitting a good argumentative essay on your chosen topic.