List Of Great Argumentative Essay Topics About Energy Drinks

There are many health and energy drinks available in the market. They are generally composed of sugar and caffeine. It helps to give instant energy. These drinks are very popular at present. Kids have to do many physical activities and end tiring up soon. The drink gives them stamina and boosts up energy. As a result, their performance increases at various levels. These energy drinks have some bad effects on their body as well. Weight gain and stomach pain and among common complains.

Essay topics on energy drinks can be found at many places like magazines, online essay searches, newspaper articles etc. Here are list of some argumentative topics on energy drinks.

Bipolar disorder

Energy drinks have many side effects and are causes to many diseases. In recent studies, it has been found that energy drinks cause bipolar disorder. If these drinks are continuously taken then it causes several diseases as well.

Bad effects

There are many type drinks available in market. Almost same ingredients are used to prepare all types of drinks. These ingredients are mostly caffeine and sugar. These are very harmful to the body. In some cases, it has been found that people even died from taking these drinks. Though the taste of energy drinks is a hit and it keeps the body energized, it should not be used as substitute of water.

Energy drinks and food supplements

Energy is gained by food that we eat and the air we breathe. So it is better to supply good food to our body so that it can give us energy. There are many fruits and vegetables available in market that is full of energy. We need to maintain a healthy diet. A healthy body works longer from nutrients and not sugar and caffeine. Other energy drinks will not be required if we take healthy diet.

Increased fat

Consuming energy drinks causes increased fat levels in the body. Many people have been suffering from fattiness due to these drinks. Energy drinks have such ingredients which help to increase fat and that is why many kids have been suffering. Fattiness brings other diseases with it. So it is better to avoid energy drinks.

Regular exercise versus energy drinks

Regular exercise can be a good substitute for energy drinks. It is also natural process. Energy drinks gives us instant energy to perform well. If we choose to do regular exercise then it will give us energy all day not instant like energy drink. If we have energy all time then we can perform well in our every work.