Argumentative Essays Topics: 22 Hot Questions To Explore

When it comes to writing an argumentative essay based on the topics assigned by your tutor, you have no issues writing and submitting yours. However, it becomes a big issue for you when the same tutor asks you to choose a topic on which you are going to write an argumentative paper. It is not as if you are not smart enough to come up with your own topics but you are excessively worried if the topic you will choose will end up being over-discussed or not even interesting enough.

Whatever the reason behind your restlessness in choosing a credible topic for your argumentative essay, this article will make the process a lot easier for you. Here are 22 hot questions you can explore through your academic paper. They are as follows:

  • Should the appropriate drinking age be lower than 18 or higher than 18?
  • Should there be a total global ban on nuclear weapons?
  • Should there be stricter restrictions on gun ownership?
  • Should there be severe penalties for instigators of hate speeches?
  • Do teen pageants contribute to the rise in immorality?
  • Should there be a ban on importation of goods from countries that encourage child labour?
  • Are the advantages of banning controlled substances higher than the disadvantages?
  • What is the right age for girls to be given sex education?
  • Should mothers encourage their teenage daughters to use birth control pills?
  • Should there be a total ban on tobacco and alcohol advertisements?
  • Is online dating overtaking physical relationships?
  • Should women be banned from wearing revealing clothes?
  • Is it fair for companies to prohibit hiring of tobacco smokers?
  • Should violent movies be banned on prime television?
  • Nude statues and public museums – Are they appropriate?
  • Is the death penalty appropriate?
  • To what extent should teen-targeted adverts be censored?
  • To what extent can a talk show discuss a celebrity?
  • Is print advertisement going obsolete?
  • Should side effects of certain products be clearly listed during advertisements?
  • Should prisoners have the right to vote during elections?
  • Should sex-depicting scenes be banned on prime television?

This is a comprehensive list of some of the hot questions that can form the thesis of your argumentative essay. From this list, you can even be inspired to write on a different topic that is not included here. Whichever you choose, make sure to have enough evidence and facts to support your argument.