A List Of Inspiring Topics For Writing An Evaluation Essay

This writing assignment helps students develop their abilities to critically evaluate the overall quality (or lack of quality) of a specific subject, such as a company, a place, a product, a program, etc. While there will be a personal opinion within the essay by way of the evaluation, it’s important that the piece not come off sounding overly opinionated. The first step in writing this assignment is selecting a great topic. Here is a list of some inspiring topics for you to consider:

  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of a current health product such as a full body cardio machine, elliptical trainer or a step climber?
  2. How does a specific car company making “smart cars” stack up against auto companies that are opting to continue making traditional fuel-based vehicles?
  3. How does the “Lord of the Rings” film adaptions do in terms of encouraging a new generation of young readers to enjoy the books in addition to watching the films?
  4. Evaluate a global film entertainment brand such as Pixar or Dreamworks and explain how it is poised for longevity through the 21st century.
  5. How does a specific cell phone company do in terms of technology and service? What sets it apart from other competing telecommunication companies?
  6. Evaluate the state of professional sports in terms of revenue generated through television deals and how the product translates to entertainment for the fans?
  7. How effective is the procurement system in your local community? Are the goods and services promised being delivered to citizens in an efficient manner?
  8. How good is 3D printing technology and does it have a practical use in solving some of the world’s problems (homelessness, medical, etc.)?
  9. Pick a fast food restaurant change and evaluate its success in foreign countries? Does it affectively target the appropriate culture while maintaining elements from its origins in terms of food choices?
  10. Evaluate the President Obama’s economic plan for his final year in the White House. Will the transition from one presidency to the next be easy to make under the plan?
  11. How have the President’s policies towards fighting terrorist threats around the world faired in comparison with policies from other nations?
  12. Evaluate the success or lack of success in the recent World Cup games held in Brazil. What can be learned from the events that could help future host nations bring a positive experience to people within those countries?