How To Write A Compare And Contrast Essay Topic Sentence: Hints And Examples

A topic sentence is the first line in a paragraph. It basically summarizes the whole idea in the paragraph. This part of the sentence in a paragraph is very important in essay as its main importance is to create an interesting theme so that thr reader may continue reading the paragraph. Therefore, with such a vital importance, you need to make sure you write it in the best way possible. Some of the things to consider when creating a compare and contrast topic sentence include;

State your main idea clearly

As this is the first sentence of your paragraph, you need to use it to clearly to bring out what you are going to discuss in the paragraph. If possible, try to include your opinion on the writing or the idea that led to your writing of this paragraph. Although you are stating your idea, try not to bluntly announce it to the reader. For instance, avoid writing it like this, “In this paragraph I want to explain the difference between a report and a review”. Introductions such as this are too plain and when used often might bore the reader.

Draw your reader’s attention

As the first part of a paragraph, this section has to be catchy to the reader. It should grasp his attention fully and ensure that he continues to read the paragraph. To do this, you can employ various ways. You can begin by describing your emotion or take on some idea, but try not to sound too emotional. You can also choose to begin with dialogue. This must be relevant and related to what you are about to discuss below. Always avoid rhetorical questions. The idea is to create them in the reader not actually state.


Your topic sentence should be as short and brief as possible. You do not want to tire the reader reading a long sentence with no pauses. Long sentences most of the times tend to become boring in the middle and in some occasions you might end up cancelling yourself.

Content agreement

Your topic sentence must be compatible with the content in your paragraph. Only choose to use a topic sentence when you are totally sure that you can prove what you have stated. In case you are looking to describe more than one topic, try as well to state the same in the topic sentence. For instance, “ There is a big similarity in how Shakespeare presents the society’s behavior in Merchant of Venice and Romeo and Juliet”