Racism In The Gay Community

Racism is one of the traits that are so much fought by many bodies in the world. It is on the decline but if you think it is done then you are wrong. I know that gay racism is a trait that you do not expect to find in communities like the gay community; that apparently are supposed to look after one another. If this is your opinion, then you still do not know anything about the gay community. Racism is noted to be on the rise in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities. It is wired that racism is so high in these communities that are supposed to be united so as to win their fight towards acceptance in the general community.

Black Gay’s two Communities

Racism, in gay communities, is based on the region you are in. If you are in a minority, then you may find it very hard for you to be understood or even accepted as one of that community. In many cases, some people are discriminated on the lines of ethnicity or even nationality that you may want to quit. It is expected that the white gay people should accept the black gay people as part of their gay community. It is however far from reality, and the white gay are worse racists than even the straight people. It is said that black gays living with the white feel like they belong to two different communities that they should not be part of. As a matter of fact, some white gay do not consider themselves as gay but whites with experience. Black Gays that have the preference for white gay are traitors and racists to and lack respect to their black community. Some white gay believe that there should be no gay interracial relationships.

Support networks of the Majority group

It is still wrong to say that these communities are not united. Majorities always have networks that help them to track and protect on another. The minority gays are not allowed in these networks. They however could be involved depending on their acceptance to the roles as stipulated by the majority groups. Every race is viewed differently by the majority group, and the racial discrimination is combined with the gender stereotypes to define the minority gays. African Americans are seen as aggressive and more masculine while the Asians are seen as feminine and more passive.