Positive Impact Of HR Practices On Organizational Outcome

It’s extremely important to implement effective HR Practices to boost success, profitability, welfare, image and morale in your Organization. In my opinion, there are several ways to improve the effectiveness of HR staff in your Company. HR personnel’s goals should be the following: 1) to screen and select the best candidates for the job; 2) continuously train and raise the competence of the Company’s employees; 3) retain and reward the most successful and talented employees.

It’s not surprising that the most important task of HR personnel is to select and employ the best employees, whose skills and background would ideally fit the job opening in your Company. HR personnel should pay an utmost attention to professional skills and experience of the candidate, but his/her psychological characteristics should not be left unnoticed. I believe, it’s important to identify which traits of character a certain job would require (it can be resistance to stress or ability to handle multiple tasks, etc.). If a candidate doesn’t possess ability to work under stressful situations and it is important for a certain job position, he/she would most likely fail. Or if a person is not sociable or doesn’t like to communicate with people, this candidate would be the worst for the customer service job. Therefore, HR employee should be a good psychologist to detect psychological characteristics of job applicants.

Another important goal for HR personnel consists in training existing personnel. Your employees would acquire necessary knowledge to perform their job well and will be grateful for the opportunities to raise their professionalism and competence at work. They would be able to try new practices, methods and technologies. In this case HR staff will achieve two goals: 1) make employees happy and grateful for the opportunity of their professional development; 2) train more professional employees, who will positively affect Organization’s profitability.

And finally, it’s very important to reward people for their job. Different Companies and Organizations are doing it in different ways: they pay bonuses, provide paid vacations, award with certificates, etc. Every employee likes to feel his/her importance for the Company/Organization. This would be an incentive for the employee to perform their job within high quality standards, as well as will help you retain the most talented employees and make them satisfied with their job.

We spend most of our time at work, that’s why it’s important to find people, who would be the best fit for their functions and will feel happy with what they are doing. It’s important to provide friendly and positive atmosphere by providing incentives to your employees and training your personnel is indispensible in ensuring professionalism and profitability of your Company/Organization.