Academic Writing Ideas: Some Good Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive article are articles which require the writer to persuade the reader towards a certain line of thinking. There are usually two ideas which are conflicting and the writer has to choose one of the thinking and persuade the reader about the importance or validity of his/her thinking. Persuasive essay topics are best when written regarding our modern society.

They become more entertaining and the writer has a variety of information, which he can use to support his ideas.

The following are some of the good persuasive essay topics:

  1. Does the use of social media create isolation? Various social media enable people to stay intact with friends and also meet new friends. A good number of people are arguing that spending lots of time on social media leads to a loss of contact with real life
  2. Is technology making the society to be too dependent on it? Technology is a very crucial part of our lives, but at times people are depending on technology to even perform very simple tasks. Some people feel that they can’t survive without a smart phone next to them
  3. Should the school day starting hours be changed? Most of the kids usually go to bed early so that they can wake up early to prepare themselves to go to schools. Some people argue that children should sleep more in order to function properly
  4. Should handwriting lessons be introduced to elementary schools? Over time the knowledge of how to write and read cursive handwriting will slowly be depleted. This will be the end of this form of communication; this is what some people believe. Others believe that handwriting is antique and kids should be better served by being taught how to use keyboards
  5. Is the main purpose of security cameras invasion of privacy or security matters? Some cameras, especially the local streets cameras are viewed by many as an invasion to privacy. People argue that their privacy is being invaded since they are constantly under surveillance
  6. Should people be given authority to keep exotic pets? Some feel that they are in a better position to care for the animals while others quickly dismiss this fact
  7. Should public transportation be free? Some people feel that governments need to take necessary steps to make this form of transportation free
  8. Should tattooing be allowed to minors in case they have parental permission? Most teens would definitely say yes
  9. Should college education be free? Some feel that this education is expensive and should be made free
  10. Should students have to wear uniforms? Most students will say no