Cuban Missile Crisis

The Cuban missile crisis was a dangerous and confrontation involving the Soviet Union and the United States. The crisis occurred in 1962. This was during the era during which there was the cold war. The conflict and disagreements were serious and featured miscommunications, miscalculations, secret communications and secret calculations. The United States had attempted overthrowing the Castro regime in Cuba but had failed. A secret agreement was reached between Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev and Cuban Fidel Castro about deterring any future invasion by the United States by placing missiles in Cuba. Several Missiles construction sites thus commenced in Cuba. However, the sites were discovered by the United States. The United States also discovered that the Soviet Union was in support of the missiles in Cuba. After the discovery of the missiles in Cuba, it was followed by President’s Kennedy warning. The warning, however, did not deter the Cuba efforts for missile sites construction. This initiated and precipitated the start or commencement of the Cuban missile war.

United States Role in the Cuban Missiles Crisis

The United States played a vital and important role in the attempt to prevent the construction of missile sites in Cuba. Kennedy consulted with some of his closest advisors to see the best course of action to eradicate with the Cuban Missile Crisis. Different advisors offered different solutions that could possibly be helpful. Some proposed destruction of constructed sites and those that were under construction. Others proposed that the issue of stern warnings would help to contain the situation. Kennedy decided to write to the Cuban president and clarified that their actions about missile site construction sites would not be accepted. He then asked the Soviets to destroy the sites completely. A naval quarantine was issued against Cuba. President Kennedy then made the issue public in the Nation Television.

Soviet Union Role in Cuban Missile Crisis

Khrushchev, the Soviets Premier, wrote to Kennedy saying that the blockade against Cuba was aggressive. He then reached the national television that got to the white house indicating that the Soviets would negotiate with the United States and then they would agree to destroy all the missile sites in Cuba. After a long struggle and negotiations between the United States and Soviet Union, the Soviets decided to destroy the missiles in Cuba. This was after Khrushchev publicly announced that the missiles would be destroyed and dismantled. This saw the end of the Cuban Missile war.