15 Exciting Opinion Essay Topics For 9th Grade Students

The workload given to fourth graders can be quite challenging but with patience and determination, one can comfortably pace through the curriculum. The list following this paragraph will contain examples of exciting essay topics pertaining to this educational level. While reading through the list, choose the ones that you can relate to. In doing so you can elaborate on your experience and knowledge without much difficulty and frustration. These examples serve one main purpose which is to generate a backbone argument for your writings. Don’t forget to accredit the information you state in your essay and in this light, remember to get accurate and up-to-date information relating to your topic. Make sure all terms are used in context and methods described clearly. Following these guidelines can lead to a successfully written essay.

  1. The LGBT community’s legitimacy should be observed in all countries by their government.
  2. Mankind should come together to help each other change to and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Using rods to fish is a greater art form than casting a net.
  4. Homework shouldn’t be given to students on Fridays because their weekends are necessary for recreation.
  5. Mathematics should be scheduled only for a school’s morning periods.
  6. The study of microeconomics in schools should be expanded to incorporate further research into other areas of the field.
  7. The most effective engineering classes are those that facilitate and encourage practical workshops.
  8. Field trips to beaches and various waterways are necessary for high school students.
  9. The regulations for student attire should promote the freedom to dress according to the popular social trends.
  10. The method by which sports and physical education is taught in schools must ensure that the majority of students, in any given class, should receive the opportunity to play friendly matches for experience.
  11. The age of potential candidates applying for a drivers license could be dropped to fourteen without creating traffic problems.
  12. Making fast foods gradually healthier contributes to the welfare of a nation therefore, governments must generate laws to feature this aspect.
  13. The introduction of foreign musical instruments in practical studies around the world can be a promising way to break racial barriers.
  14. Field archery and air rifle ranges should be made available as extra curricular activities for high school students.
  15. The demands for organic plant produce are never sufficiently supplied, therefore, the agricultural community could promise a lucrative investment.

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