Academic Writing Solutions: A List Of Interesting Essay Topics

If you want to write a brilliant essay, you need to start off on the right foot. And this means that you need to choose an interesting topic to write about. So, have a look at this list of fascinating topics that you can write your essay about.

Your next life

If, after you die, you could come back to life as anyone or anything, who or what would you choose to return as? Why would you choose to return as that person or entity?

A book that changed your life

Many people can point to one particular book that changed their lives forever. Which book had such a profound influence on your life? How did it change you or your life? Why do you think it has this particular effect on you?

A meal that brings back memories

Often certain meals evoke strong memories and feelings for people. What meal has this effect on you? What memories and feelings does it arouse in you? Why does it affect you in this way?

Your most memorable dream

Everyone has at least one dream that sticks in his or her mind for some reason. What is your most memorable dream? What made it memorable? Is it memorable for a good or bad reason?

An epiphany

Occasionally people have epiphanies, or aha moments where something they didn't realise or understand before becomes completely clear to them. Have you had an epiphany? How did it happen? Did something trigger it? What did you come to realise or understand? How has your life changed since it happened?

Unusual family traditions

Some families have some unusual traditions that they practice. Does your family have any unusual traditions? What are they? How are they carried out? How did they start? How are they passed on to younger generations?

A story passed down in your family

Often families have certain stories that are passed from generation to generation. They may involve tragedies, overcoming adversity, comedy, or even famous people. Does your family have any stories like this? Describe them, even if you're not sure if they're actually true.

Your favourite scent

Lots of people have a favourite scent. What’s your favourite scent? Why is it your favourite? What memories are attached to it?

If you could go back in time

Time travel has fascinated people for centuries. If you could go back in time, where would you go? What time period would you travel to? Why would you choose that time and place?