College Essay Writing Prompts: 20 Unique Suggestions

If you are in college, you will have to be ready to write an essay from time to time. It is actually necessary for you to make sure that you do this, because essays will become an important part of your life in school. The secret to presenting one of the best papers so far lies in making sure that you can choose a really good topic. The following are unique suggestions that you can present when you are writing a college paper:

  1. Discuss the alternative you would prefer between being lucky, intelligent or rich
  2. Explain how access to condoms has affected the rate of teen pregnancy
  3. Discuss the importance and success rate of curfews that are passed down on kids
  4. Discuss the challenges that couples face when there is a significant age difference between them
  5. Explain the benefits of neutering pets
  6. Discuss some of the reasons why it is necessary to ban advertisements on fast foods
  7. Discuss how violent video games are affecting the growth of kids
  8. Explain some regulatory mechanisms that can be put in place for reality TV
  9. Discuss the impact of social media on relationships
  10. Explain a number of ways through which watching TV helps the growth of the individual
  11. Discuss the difference between popular literature and classical literature
  12. Cite some challenges that genetic research is posing to humanity
  13. Discuss how technology has affected the lives that people live
  14. In your opinion, explain why sending explorers to outer space is a waste of money, which can be used in other avenues
  15. With modern technology, material wealth has increased, but happiness is on the decline. Discuss
  16. Discuss how technological integration has affected traditions and culture
  17. Explain some of the benefits that technology has brought upon service provision in the society
  18. Explain how alternative fuels will be able to propel the world into a new vision of the future
  19. With the advancement of technology, things like identity theft have been on the rise. Discuss how these challenges can be dealt with in a steady manner
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  21. Internet streaming is on the rise; there are lots of streaming networks that have come up, and all of them are aiming at one thing, the masses. Discuss the impact that this will have on traditional TV.