Carnegie Corporation And Adult Education

The idea of the Carnegie Corporation is to spread and enhance the educational framework across various parts of the world. The goal of the Carnegie Corporation was to build up a framework through which individuals would be able to grasp a higher amount of knowledge and enable themselves to build ladders towards success.

Carnegie Corporation also started funding to the Association of Adult Education (AAAE) that mainly focused on to screen the applications that were applied to receive funds from the organization. The association also expanded its wings into the fields of research and experimental project that would be beneficial for the adult education. Currently it has almost 29 areas of studies that comprises of adult psychology, adult development, aging education issues and a lot more. Each year, it also publishes journals and handbooks for the individuals who are long term oriented for adult education.

Finally, the success of the Carnegie Corporation was reflected when it was enabled to develop its own groups that were named as Special Interest Groups. The Special Interest Group, concentrated on foundation of a system of study that was linked with refining adult education. The human perception and the abilities are changing regularly because of quick change in technology. Each and every day, individuals confront new difficulties which require them to adapt to new technologies so as to tackle the problem. Military SIG mentors work closely with the group individuals to impart them training and skills that will help them to tackle the issues of unemployment. This group also assists in imparting useful skills to the retired military staffs so as to empower them to participate in various development tasks in the community.