18 Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics You Can Explore

Just as the name suggests, persuasive essays are all about persuading your readers to support your point of view. They are all about convincing your audience that what you are talking about is the ideal state of things and is what should be followed. That being said, there is just no way you can be able to write one without having the correct amount of information and the specific facts on the ground regarding that particular topic.

It is thus important that a lot of caution is exercised when you are looking for a topic for your persuasive essay. It is imperative that you go for a topic that you are well conversant with; a topic that you are very well knowledgeable in and one that you can easily explain to people; a topic whose information can be easily sourced from publicly available source and also a topic that you can easily explain to people the pros of it. Failure to pick the right topic will automatically result in you having problems when writing your essay. It will become very difficult for you to actually persuade your audience that what you are talking about is the real thing and it is the thing that they should support.

Given below are some interesting topics that you can use for your persuasive essay:

  1. Is it right to teach students about world religions in schools?
  2. Should warning labels be put on genetically modified foods sold to the public?
  3. Is it right to allow smoking in public places?
  4. Is it right to allow sex education in schools?
  5. Is it really necessary for school to start that early in the morning?
  6. Should minors be allowed to drink at home under their parents’ purview?
  7. Should teachers be allowed to answer their cellphones in the middle of class?
  8. Why should talking on the phone while driving be illegal?
  9. Is it right to allow teenagers to purchase violent video games?
  10. Should not wearing of a seat belt be classified as a personal choice or an illegal act?
  11. Can the government be able to provide free health care for all of its citizens?
  12. Should fatty snacks and junk foods be taxed?
  13. Should there be stricter regulations of content that is uploaded on the internet?
  14. Should abortions be allowed when the pregnancy is as a result of incest or rape?
  15. Should doctors be allowed to assist in suicide in people with terminal illnesses?
  16. Is suspension the appropriate punishments for cyber-bullying in schools?
  17. Is detention of terrorism suspects without trial by the government right?
  18. Should minors be allowed to get employment?