Coffee Culture

All over the world, few people don’t begin their day without a hot drink. The most popular morning jump starters are coffee, tea, and chocolate. Coffee dominates in every time zone during the morning hours. Native to East Africa, it is now available in almost every tropical region. Coffee consumption is on the rise and after oil, it is the second most demanded crop. Coffee can be served bitter and sweet, and in many regions around the world it is a favorite hot drink.

Italy: Nobody in the world does coffee better than Italy. Even though it is located along many lines of latitude North of the muggiest coffee country, the position of coffee lord and master truly goes to Italy. This is where the espresso machine was born.

United States: In America, they have gained a taste for coffee that is irrepressible for this dark black drink. Mr. Coffee lookalikes can be found in roadside diners all across the country and have become a symbol of true Americana as it proudly drips on. On the opposite end of the spectrum are the high-calorie drinks created by Starbucks where you can consume a variety of flavors from caramel, chocolate, eggnog, pumpkin, espresso, and topped with whipped cream if you prefer.

Baja California: Hello means coffee in Baja. Typically the drink isn’t much to write home about. It’s nothing more than Nescafe spooned into boiling water. It almost always has instant coffee granules in it. But this makes you feel like one of the cowboys in the country as you sip your hot coffee beverage.

Ireland: In the 1940’s, Irish coffee was invented. Now it is a cocktail that is served in bars all over the world. This drink contains whiskey, hot coffee, sugar, and it is topped with whipped cream. Traditionally, it is served as a nice after-dinner drink. It may be hard to turn it away on a chilly morning though. Irish coffee doesn’t suit all tastes. Former travel writer, Stanton Delaplane was reported as saying that Irish coffee was the ruin of three good drinks: whiskey, cream, and coffee.

Greece: The Frappe is the favorite coffee drink of Greece. It is made with Nescafe, and it is a drink that is frothed-up, blended with milk, and sugar. It is served over ice. You can enjoy the drink with or without sugar. On warm days, the real essence of this drink is the ice. It is a rendition of instant coffee that is very easy to love.