Great Ideas For Selecting College Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

Compare and contrast essays are relatively easy essays to create and are fairly common assignments given by college professors. They are very straight-forward essays that are easily completed. The hardest part is choosing a topic for these essays. Here are some great ideas on how to decide what topic you may want for your compare and contrast essay.

  • Find the topics in your field of study – Most professors will make this mandatory but it actually makes sense if you want your peers to have any interest in reading it.
  • Find something that interests you – The best essays are usually written from topics that are of most interest to the author. It is a known fact that you will write better on something that you are interested in so find something within your subject area that is interesting to you and go for it.
  • Find something that has plenty of research available – Don’t try to compare and contrast two things that don’t have plenty of information available. The more information you can find, the more you will be able to find valid arguments to include in your essay.
  • Make sure you are comparing and contrasting two items that have something in common. It is impossible to make any kind of comparison if the two items have nothing in common. It doesn’t make sense to try to write an essay on something that you will get frustrated in while trying to make the comparisons.
  • Look for something interesting – No one will want to read boring comparisons or ones that are obvious. Find two objects that don’t seem similar but they have something unusual in common. This will be intriguing to your audience and be worth writing. By the time you are in college, the simple topics will no longer do.
  • Hold the interest of your audience – When you are choosing your topics, consider your audience and make sure what you are thinking about writing will be of interest to them. In your first paragraph you will have to reel your audience in and it is much easier if you have topics that are relevant and interesting to your reading audience.

All of these suggestions will help you find an excellent topic for your compare and contrast essay. Again, the writing is the easy part of this type of essay. The hard part is finding a unique, interesting topic that readers will want to read.