25 Captivating Narrative Essay Ideas For College Students

A narrative essay is a piece of text in which you tell a story about an event, situation, or an object from your own experience. It can be a great fun to compose such a paper if you have a good interesting topic.

Where to Search for Narrative Essay Topics

Look around you, remember your past. Your life is full of interesting events, situations and experiences you can share with the group. Try to find something unusual, catchy, interesting; something that has never happened to anybody else, or something that has happened to other people in a different way.

If you can’t find anything worth attention in your personal experience, try searching for good ideas on the Internet.

There’re many resources that can provide you with nice suggestions. Make sure that you look through narrative paper ideas, not ones that are meant for other types of written projects. When choosing topic ideas from the Internet, make sure that you are interested in such a topic and that you have something to say on the subject. You should never describe situations or events that haven’t happened to you personally.

Narrative Essay Topic Suggestions

  1. The most disappointing New Year party you have ever attended.
  2. The funniest situation that has ever happened to you.
  3. The most awkward situation that has ever happened to you.
  4. The moment you saw your first pet for the very first time.
  5. Your first day at nursery school.
  6. The most romantic date you have ever been on.
  7. The most professional teacher you have ever met.
  8. The dullest book you have ever read.
  9. The prettiest place you have ever visited.
  10. The most powerful natural phenomenon you have ever seen.
  11. The most terrifying thunderstorm you have ever witnessed.
  12. The creepiest thing that has ever happened to you.
  13. The best music festival you have ever attended.
  14. The first time you have moved to another place.
  15. The most enchanting song you have ever heard.
  16. The most terrible exam you have ever had.
  17. The toughest choice you have ever made.
  18. Something that seemed to go totally wrong but went out good.
  19. The kindest thing somebody has done to you.
  20. The biggest disappointment in your life.
  21. . The highest achievement on your list.
  22. The most painful injury you have ever had.
  23. The most dangerous situation you have undergone.
  24. The moment you have witnessed some real historic event.
  25. The moment you realized that your friendship was over.