How To Find Easy Topics For A 5-Paragraph Essay Quickly

Five page essays are usually geared at informing the readers about a particular issue, in an argumentative or convincing manner, or to analyze a situation or phenomena thoroughly without providing an opinion of your own. The main point here is that they are intended for critical exploratory reasons and so the choice of topic is important. You want to choose one that has a lot to write on and also a lot of information available. Here are some tips on finding topics for a 5-page essay easily:

  1. Research papers written by past scholars
  2. Many students have had to write this type of paper and they would have been quite imaginative in their choice of research. Libraries are sure to have a store of these pieces but if a library is not easily accessible, you can search online for examples. Browse through the topics used, they will provide a guide that can help you choose your own.

  3. Explore News media
  4. Issues and concerns facing the world are an endless source of possible choices. Many of these issues are complicated and highly speculative, the ideal type for writing a paper on. Browse any available news media, make a list of the topics stated and choose the one that you feel most comfortable attempting.

  5. Browse social media
  6. Social media is now a popular place for individuals to voice their concerns and opinions. Look at the posts made by people on your message boards, you are sure to find some interesting ones that could be used as a research directive.

  7. Do research into an issue you are familiar with
  8. As a student and also a citizen of your country, your personal experiences are sure to contain an experience or encounter that can be used as a subject for study. Sit and think about your life encounters, you may very well find a most suitable subject for study.

  9. Ask your Professor
  10. As a professional in the field of education, your professor will have many insights and opinions about the current education system and its methods. These are subjects that are always being researched so you should have no trouble conducting studies in this field..

  11. View online forums
  12. If you use any browser and search for topics using any good search engine, your results will turn up many forums where people go in their free time to discuss pressing matters. Browse any of these forums and you will be exposed to many views and opinions which can be turned into a five paragraph essay.