Nature Versus Nurture

Everyday millions of new life enters into this world, totally pure, soft and soothing. All they have within them is only millions and millions of nerves and cells, that’s their heredity, their nature.

Before moving more deep into the topic, firstly, let us understand what does the word nature and nurture means? Nature is something that we are born with, which includes our genes, heredity, and our biological makeup. Whereas, on the other hand nurture means what we have learned this includes our lifestyle, thinking, and upbringing.

Nature is what we have are inborn with, our genes, heredity that we have adopted from our parents, our ancestors. The colour of our eyes, shape of our lips, hands and all our limbs are all part of nature. In-fact, in most of the cases our physical looks, shape and size of our body, our physical stature all are dependent and part of nature. Indeed, nature is the first step in the creation of every living creature present on the face of the earth. Nurture, of the other hand is what we have learned and achieved. Nurturing is how we are shaped. It depends both on others as well as our perspective. What other people teach us, how they shape our minds, thoughts, habits etc. Whereas, own nurturing is the outcome of how we get mesmerized to the worldly activities and natural environment. Sometimes we see things, get attracted to it and then suddenly get passionate about those things. Nurturing of others include our upbringing, lifestyle etc.; our eating, drinking, talking, walking habits. What we are taught at home and school, how we behave to others, how much we are caring towards other creatures and our environment all are part of nurturing. Nurturing is a life-long process. We keep learning things throughout our lives and keep making changes in them as per the time demands. Just as there is no age-limit for acquiring knowledge and there is no end to it, similarly, there is no end to nurturing. It keeps moving, growing and growing with the passage of time.

In a nutshell, we can say that nature and nurture are complementary to each other. They go hand in hand. Nature is lame without nurture and nurture is lame without nature. None of them can exist independently. Nature is like a bud of today, if taken care properly, it will nurture into beautiful flower tomorrow. Nature and its good nurturing is the basic ingredient for making one’s career a big success. Nature and nurture co-exist. They are dependent on each other.