Violence Against Women

According to the understanding of many people, violence against women is when you assault a lady physically causing physical harm. On the contrary, according to the definition by the United Nations, violence against women is any gender-based act that causes suffering to any woman. The UN lists any act that results or would result in mental or physical harm, sexual abuse causes any suffering to a woman as an act of violence against women. This includes any threats, deprivation of liberty and coercion done to a woman either in private or in the public. A worrying statistics is that most of the cases of violence against women mainly happen to people who are in an intimate relationship. Most of such cases also go unreported because most women want to protect their relationship or marriage. This is a major problem because many women end up getting hurt and have to live with the psychological pain affecting their lives in a major way.

Factors influencing violence to women

According to research, it is clear that the most common form of violence against women is sexual. Most women claim that their first sexual experience was either a forced one or coerced. This shows that partners are the main perpetrators of violence against women. In most cases of violence reported, they have involved ex-partners or current partners. Further research shows that violence against women is more spread in youth below the age of thirty-five years and is widespread in some regions. It is also clear that people that have been exposed to violence are the principal perpetrators of the violence against women. Some of the factors of violence include the use of alcohol, low levels of education, having multiple partners, past family violence, being exposed to children maltreatment and antisocial personalities. The history and nature of a relationship may pose a significant risk of violence. When one is not satisfied in a relationship, they may be at a great risk of being involved in violence against women.

Impacts of violence against women

One of the major consequences is that it may cause a series of short and long-term health problems. In some cases, the conditions may be serious requiring a lot of medical attention. This leads to very high economic costs. Violence against women can also impact significantly on children. Children that are often exposed to violence may grow up with a lot of emotional and behavioral disturbances. This in itself could lead them to be violence perpetrators in the future.